5 Minute Rule

According to Inc.com, Benjamin Franklin spent one hour a day—or five hours a week—learning. That is incredible, and certainly something that we can all try to emulate. But let’s propose something a bit easier. Why not make sure that there is at least five minutes of learning each time your board comes together.

Learning is a key element for every board. People join boards caring about your mission, but they may not know a thing about how to craft a strong agenda or the best ways to recruit new members. They don’t necessarily know that they should be seeing a 990 each year, or that risk is a topic for regularly conversation. They join because they care about what you do.

The short videos that we offer through this website are easily downloaded so that you can bring them into your board meeting. The kit materials contain thought-provoking questions aimed at stirring conversation. You have a busy agenda, so dropping in learning comes on top of all of the other business you are getting accomplished.

And of course we hope that you drop in 5 minutes of learning and that it then becomes ten or fifteen minutes once you get talking about how this topic relates to your board and what you want to do about it. That five minute place holder might become a time when your board starts to see that the other business gets accomplished most efficiently when you put some of that learning into action.

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