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COVID-19 Workplace Safety Checklist

Created in October 2021, this COVID-19 safety checklist is a tool to help assess your nonprofit’s readiness for workers, clients, and visitors to return to the workplace. Download a copy of the 7-page fillable PDF […]

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Templates & Sample Documents

COVID-19 Workplace Safety Sample Policy

Created in October 2021, this COVID-19 Workplace Safety Sample Policy is a 9-page Microsoft Word document that provides sample language, example strategies, and other items your nonprofit may consider while crafting your own COVID-19 workplace […]

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Workers in Nonprofits (WIN)

Workers in Nonprofits pulls together information customized to nonprofits to help employers navigate the lifecycle of their workers. There are many components to employer compliance and no one way to support your workers. The discussion […]

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Workers in Nonprofits Videos

The videos go with the Workers in Nonprofits Guide and Resources, available on the WIN page. Recorded Webinars

Archived webinars

Ergonomics for Nonprofits

Ergonomics for Nonprofits Presenters: Claudia Kelley and Rick Goggins, Department of Labor & Industries Length: 1 hour and 10 minutes Date: June 26, 2020 Safety and Health in Nonprofits puts information customized to nonprofits into […]


Una llamada de alerta

La Directora Ejecutiva de una organización sin fines de lucro pequeña explica lo que aprendió sobre seguridad y salud en su organización, cuando una de sus empleadas se lesionó.

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The Risk Bow Tie

The Risk Bow-Tie is a powerful tool that you can use to think about safety and health in your nonprofit. The video below explains how to use it. Download the Risk Bow Tie worksheet.

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Safety & Health in Nonprofits Interactive Learning

To learn more about safety and health in nonprofits, hover your mouse over the interactive graphic below. It contains information from the Safety and Health in Nonprofits Guide in the form of videos, popup definitions, […]