Build A Movement! Videos

These 12 short videos feature members of the nonprofit community talking about advocacy and how it has helped them advance the missions of their organizations. To understand how they fit into the framework of Build A Movement!, review the PDF Learning Guide, the Interactive Graphic, or the Build A Movement! Poster.

1. Groundwork: These videos will help you get started with basic understanding.

Introduction to Build A Movement!
How a Bill Becomes Law

2. Everyday Advocacy: These videos will give you ideas for building advocacy into your daily process.

Getting Started Through Coalitions
Power of Coalitions

Engaging Youth

Using Stories and Data

Faith Forward

3. Urgent Advocacy: A video to help you react to a timely or urgent situation

Finding Legislative Champions

4. Step It Up: What you can do to amplify your voice and increase your influence

Building Trust With Lawmakers

Advocacy Success Stories, presented by members of the nonprofit community

Stop Pet Leasing
Passing Senate Bill 5001
Fighting College Hunger