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Meetings are where nonprofit work happens! Here are some thoughts and resources on how to make them productive. This topic connects with Boards in Gear, Chapter 4: Board Operations. Resources: Meeting planning form For a […]

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Purpose Mapping, Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of our two part explanations on purpose mapping and how it can help your organization.   Resources: Sample purpose map Use the worksheet on page 7 of the Boards in Gear toolkit […]

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Purpose Mapping

This purpose mapping exercise is great for boards or anyone getting involved in advocacy work. We reference it in both our Boards in Gear and Build A Movement series. Here is Part 1 of our […]


Let’s Go Legal Videos

About Let’s Go Legal: In Let’s Go Legal, you’ll learn how your organization is like a car. For example, you need to register it with the state. When you drive on federal roads, you have […]

Boards in Gear

Boards in Gear Videos

ABOUT BOARDS IN GEAR (BIG): Boards in Gear covers the five main areas of strong board practice: Connection to cause, roles and responsibilities, how to build a great board, sustain a great board, and engage board […]


Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits Videos

About Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits (FUN): Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits covers the five main topics that board members need to know about nonprofit finance: Balance Sheets, Income Statements, IRS Form 990, Giving, and Oversight. It tells you […]


Strategic Planning in Nonprofits Videos

ABOUT STRATEGIC PLANNING IN NONPROFITS (SPiN): Strategic Planning in Nonprofits covers six planning elements: preparing, listening, envisioning, planning, executing, and evaluating. It anchors each unit in why it matters and provides helpful tools to help learners […]


Starting a Nonprofit Video

Do you want to start a nonprofit in Washington State? Starting a Nonprofit is a collection of valuable resources to help you get started. Begin with this short video to help you understand what materials […]

Archived webinars

Strategic Planning in Nonprofits Webinar

Strategic Planning in Nonprofits Presenter: Laura Pierce, Washington Nonprofits Length: 90 minutes Date: October 16, 2017 Strategic planning is vital to nonprofit organizations. A quality plan clarifies the strategic direction of the organization and strategies […]