Dissolving a Nonprofit

Dissolving a Nonprofit in Washington State


You are starting to think that something is wrong. You are running out of money, you are having a lot of trouble finding board members, or the programs that worked so well long ago aren’t working in today’s world. You are wondering if it is time to think about dissolving your nonprofit.

Cartoon characters saying farewellJust as there are thousands of nonprofits starting each year, there are many organizations that decide to wrap up their work. It is healthy within our communities to have some organizations dissolve so that time, energy, and money can be focused on other organizations.

“Dissolving a Nonprofit” guides you through the decision-making and actions involved in closing down a nonprofit organization. It gives you guidance on the key compliance steps, as well as information on how to manage communication and community outreach in a way that honors your legacy.

The 12-page PDF guide includes this Activity Map to help you understand the steps involved:

Dissolving a Nonprofit Activity Map
Dissolving a Nonprofit Activity Map