Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits Overview

Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits, or FUN, covers the five main topics that board members need to know about nonprofit finance. It tells you what to look for in your organization to grow your mission and protect your assets. Find out what nonprofit finance has to do with BINGO, and play BINGO with your board to cement your knowledge!

The course is comprised of five chapters:

  1. Balance Sheets
  2. Income Statements
  3. IRS Form 990
  4. Giving
  5. Oversight

Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits works well for “a la carte” learning, or you can go through the entire course in sequence. Here’s what’s available in the course.


  • On the Learning Documents page:
    • The Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits kit, which is the PDF workbook you’ll use to follow along. After you complete the course, it makes a great reference document.
    • Assessments, to help you figure out where you are
    • A learning plan, to help you figure out where you are going
  • On the Videos page:
    • The introductory video
    • One video for each of the five chapters
  • On the Interactive Learning page:
    • The Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits game, a FUN bingo card you can use to discuss what you’ve learned