Getting the Most Out of Your Board Meeting Webinar

Getting the Most Out of Your Board Meeting

  • Presenter: Susan Howlett
  • Length: 1 hour
  • Date: May 31, 2017

Whether you’re an all-volunteer organization or a major institution, you can get more out of your board members – as leaders, ambassadors, and fundraisers – if you use meeting time more strategically. You’ll leave this lively webinar with practical, no-cost tips for getting your trustees fired up at the meetings and doing more between meetings. We’ll explore how to:

  • focus your agendas on the most important topics;
  • engage everyone in the conversations (not just the usual suspects); and
  • make real progress, including clear next steps for leaders to commit to.

Your board will take more ownership of the organization’s mission and goals when you employ these clear, research-based concepts, and they’ll have more fun too!