Hot off the press: Let’s Go Legal

You care about your mission and want to make sure your organization does what it needs to do to succeed. That is why we created “Let’s Go Legal,” a free set of learning tools on nonprofit law to help you stay compliant and protect your assets.

  • “Let’s Go Legal” covers the five main topics board members need to know, telling you bottom line information and giving you a checklist to help you apply that information to your organization. Topics include:
  • State Law
  • Federal Law
  • Fundraising
  • Employment
  • Intellectual Property

As you’ll learn through “Let’s Go Legal,” your organization is like a car. You need to register it with the state, driving on federal roads involves an additional set of rules, you need fuel to move your car forward (that’s the money part), the people in the car matter, and the look and feel of your car make it special. We even created a “document vault” of key documents to help you put ideas from “Let’s Go Legal” into practice.

“Let’s Go Legal” was developed by Washington Nonprofits and Wayfind, with support from the Office of the Secretary of State. Washington Nonprofits, our state nonprofit association, makes sure nonprofits have the tools they need to succeed. Wayfind helps nonprofits with their legal needs. Wayfind provides pro bono legal services and puts on legal trainings for nonprofits. Together we are closing the gap that exists between what nonprofits need to know and what information they have at their fingertips.

How can you get started with “Let’s Go Legal?”

  1. Review the checklist. Reflect on how well you feel your organization is doing to stay compliant and protect your organizational assets? Invite your board to reflect and discuss.
  2. Watch the overview video to learn more about the series.
  3. Choose one video that most aligns with your interests or areas for growth and watch it alone or with your board.
  4. After you have reviewed all of the tools, contact Wayfind if any questions remain. Contact Washington Nonprofits for more ideas on how to bring learning into the life of your organization.

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