HR and Equity with Keonna Jackson and Fleur Larsen

Date: April 6, 2017
Human Resource work has the potential to be a powerful arena for an organization to live its values. The core of HR is taking care of the humans who work hard to meet the mission and serve their clients. When this is in alignment with equity, transformation is possible. Everyone benefits when diversity and inclusion are at the center of HR. This workshop will review 6 key areas within HR to increase equity, live your organization’s values and better serve your community.

Nonprofits and Minimum Wage-What have we learned? with Scott Allard

Date: September 13, 2017

Are Seattle nonprofits relocating to other places because of increases in the minimum wage? Are increases boosting morale? How are nonprofits planning to pay for the increases? Professor Scott W. Allard, the lead author of the Report on the Nonprofit Response to the Minimum Wage, will answer these questions and more in this one hour webinar. Although the report focuses on Seattle nonprofits, with statewide increases rolling out between now and 2020, there’s lots to learn regardless of which part of the state you call home!

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