Insurance Basics for Nonprofits with Becky Holt

Date: November 2016
Your nonprofit faces a certain set of risks. You therefore need to consider different types of insurance to protect your organization and its ability to achieve your mission. This session is designed to cover the most common forms of insurance and how to decide what your organization needs. We will review what is involved in purchasing insurance, tips for understanding the parts of a policy, what to look for in an insurance agent or broker, applying for or renewing your insurance, and specialized types of coverage that you may want to consider.

Nonprofit Ethics: Creating a Strong Ethical Culture with Clifton Larson Allen

Date: August 2016
As leaders of your respective organizations it is not enough that you individually embrace ethical behavior and act ethically. You are responsible for the organizations you serve and assuring that the organization as a whole acts responsibly is a critical part of leadership. We will discuss and offer practical suggestions to make ethics integral to your organization. You will leave this session able to identify ethics as a core business strategy as well as learn not to integrate accountability into ethical decisions.