Next Level Nonprofit – First BiG Booster

First, let's remember what we talked about.

The goal of this quiz is not to test your knowledge, but rather to reinforce the most important pieces that you learned about nonprofit boards. If you don't answer a question correctly, don't worry. Read the correct answer and think about why how this applies to your board. 

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QUESTION 1: Being an EFFECTIVE BOARD MEMBER means playing various roles for a nonprofit, including representing the organizations’ work to the community.  What OTHER IMPORTANT ROLES do board members play?
A) Board members represent the community within the nonprofit
B) Board members advocate for the organization
C) Board members create new programs
D) Board members engage decision makers in the stories of the organization

QUESTION 2: Which THREE STATEMENTS provide a reason to connect your organization’s MISSION to the larger CAUSE in which it is working?
A) You can see how your organization fits into the larger community of nonprofits, agencies, and funders
B) You can expand your programs
C) You can broaden your view on who might be a potential board member
D) You can imagine new programmatic and fundraising partnerships

QUESTION 3: What belongs in a board member JOB DESCRIPTION?
A) Participate actively in the work of the organization
B) Support the mission
C) Give direction to staff members
D) Donate at least $500

QUESTION 4:  What NEXT STEPS can you take to ensure board members embrace this job description to increase focus, engagement and productivity?