Strategic Planning in Nonprofits Overview

Strategic Planning in Nonprofits, or SPiN, covers six planning elements, one in each chapter:

  1. Preparing
  2. Listening
  3. Envisioning
  4. Planning
  5. Executing
  6. Evaluating

The course anchors each unit in why it matters and provides helpful tools to help learners act on what they learn so that you can better achieve your mission.

Strategic Planning in Nonprofits works well for “a la carte” learning, or you can go through the entire course in sequence. Here’s what’s available in the course.


  • On the Learning Documents page:
    • The Strategic Planning in Nonprofits kit, which is the PDF workbook you’ll use to follow along. After you complete the course, it makes a great reference document.
    • An Action Map
    • Detailed flowcharts of the planning process
  • On the Videos page:
    • The introductory video
    • One video for each of the six chapters
  • On the Templates & Sample Documents pages:
    • Dozens of templates and documents that you can download and use for planning in your own organization
  • On the Interactive Learning page:
    • The Strategic Planning in Nonprofits interactive graphic, which allows you to explore all the materials within one graphic