Nearly eight percent of employees in Washington work in nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit, for-profit, and government agencies alike are subject to employer compliance requirements and administrative needs that align with their stage of organizational development. Nonprofit leaders and workers are usually focused on serving their communities, not on compliance and administrative requirements related to operating a small business. Limitations on time, funding, and technical knowledge make it challenging to navigate and follow employer laws, rules, and regulations.

Workers in Nonprofits pulls together information customized to nonprofits to help employers navigate the lifecycle of their workers. There are many components to employer compliance and no one way to support your workers. The discussion guide provides tools you can use throughout a worker’s journey with your nonprofit. People matter and your nonprofit workers are your most valuable asset.

Cover to the Workers in Nonprofits Guide
Workers in Nonprofits: 44 pages, PDF

What we cover in Workers in Nonprofits

  • Introduction – what are we talking about and why it matters
  • Align organizational needs, worker opportunities, and your employer philosophy
  • Attract & Recruit talented workers right for your nonprofit 
  • Hire & Onboard – set your workers up for success
  • Develop & Adapt to create an environment for workers to do their best work
  • Transition work to make departures more positive for both the worker and nonprofit

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