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Build a Movement!

Build A Movement! Interactive Learning

Explore the Build A Movement! Interactive Graphic To learn more about advocacy and using public policy to achieve your mission, hover your mouse over the interactive graphic below. Click on one of the black-and-white icons […]

Boards in Gear

Boards in Gear Interactive Learning

The Boards in Gear Board Game is a great way to bring learning to your board and staff members. Watch the brief video (01:49) for instructions, then download and print the game board to get […]

Interactive Learning & Games

Let’s Go Legal Interactive Learning

To help you learn about the subjects covered in Let’s Go Legal, we have two fun and interactive options to share with your board and staff members. Explore the Let’s Go Legal Interactive Graphic To […]

Interactive Learning & Games

Strategic Planning in Nonprofits Interactive Learning

The Strategic Planning in Nonprofits (SPiN) Cycle Strategic Planning is cyclical. You reflect, chart a course (plan), implement your goals, learn from the experience, and then stat all over again-each time making progress toward your […]


Starting a Nonprofit Interactive Learning

There are five main pathways of activities involved in starting a nonprofit: State, federal, people, planning, and operations. This interactive graphic illustrates the timeline and helps you find the information and resources you’ll need to […]

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Interactive Learning & Games

Now What? Card Game

NOW WHAT? CARD GAME Now What? is a card game to help you prepare for the unexpected in your nonprofit organization. Developed in conjunction with 3 Choices Creative Communications, it’s both a fun way to get […]