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Fiscal Sponsorship Webinar

Fiscal Sponsorship Presenter: Monica Langfeldt, Langfeldt Law, PLLC Length: 1 hour Date: November 19, 2015 This seminar will explain the fiscal sponsorship relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored organization, including when and why a […]

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Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits Webinar

Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits Presenters: Nancy Bacon, Washington Nonprofits and Erin Welch, Jacobson Jarvis & Co Length: 90 minutes Date: June 5, 2018 Through this interactive, hands-on workshop, we will work through the why, what, […]

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Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits Discussion Guide

Download the “kit” materials that accompany the videos, game, and interactive learning tools. This resource provides information, discussion questions, and a list of resources that would move your board forward. Link to discussion guide

Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits
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Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits

Overview Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits, or FUN, covers the five main topics that board members need to know about nonprofit finance. It tells you what to look for in your organization to grow your mission […]


Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits Videos

About Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits (FUN): Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits covers the five main topics that board members need to know about nonprofit finance: Balance Sheets, Income Statements, IRS Form 990, Giving, and Oversight. It tells you […]

Archived webinars

IRS Form 990 Q&A Webinar

IRS Form 990 Q&A Presenters: Howard Donkin and Kari Moore, Jacobson Jarvis & Co Length: 1 hour Date: December 6, 2017 This webinar will help non-CPA’s more easily navigate the key pages in a nonprofit […]