I’m a board member. How do I begin?

We created a learning plan to help get you started. It provides a list of our online resources and will guide you in the next steps. You can then jump into watching our short videos to learn about specific elements of nonprofit work.

I prefer to learn in person. Where can I find a class near me?

Washington Nonprofits offer in person classes across the state. Visit its calendar to learn what is happening in the near future. You can also find resources specific to your region on the Washington Nonprofits site.

I need help. My organization has a specific problem. Who can I speak with?

Through the 501 Commons Nonprofit Information and Referral Service, experts can answer any question that nonprofits have. Nonprofit Assistance Center provides technical assistance to communities of color and refugee, immigrant, low income and other communities. Still not finding what you need, contact us at learning@washingtonnonprofits.org.

I need a tool or document. Can you recommend a place to look?

Absolutely! There are lots of resources on this site, organized by topic. Browse the menus at the top — you’ll find sample documents and templates in our Document Vaults, which are organized by subject matter. 501 Commons also has a lot of resources on its website.

I have a legal question about my nonprofit. Who can I speak with?

If you have a nonprofit legal question, check out our Let’s Go Legal page. That’s where we cover the five main areas of nonprofit legal knowledge. If you don’t find your answer there– or your legal question is specific to your organization– Wayfind is a legal resource for nonprofits.  Nonprofits can apply to Wayfind for free legal services.  You can call Wayfind for more information by phone at (866)288-9695, email at contact@wayfindlegal.org, or check out their website for more information: www.wayfindlegal.org.

I’m not sure if I am compliant with the Office of the Secretary of State. What can I do?

We created a worksheet to help you know when your filings are due at the state level. (Not sure how you should register? Watch this brief video.) You can visit the Corporations page or Charities page to look up your organization.

What is the best way to bring these resources back to my organization?

We created Nonprofit Conversations to help you bring clips from webinars into your meetings. We also suggest that you show any of the short videos here and use the kit materials to guide a conversation.