Nearly eight percent of employees in Washington work in nonprofit organizations. They are usually focused on solving community problems, not on risk, compliance and the administrative requirements related to operating a small business. Nonprofit people intend to do the right thing, yet limitations on time, funding, and technical knowledge can get in the way of following the law.

Learn more in our short video, “Safety & Health in Nonprofits: A wake-up call.” También disponible en español.

The Safety and Health in Nonprofits toolkit puts information customized to nonprofits into the hands of executive directors and board members so they can operationalize safety and health within their organizations. It provides “grab and go” tools to bring into board and staff meetings so you can focus on what you do best. People matter, so let’s make sure we do everything possible to look after their welfare.

What we cover in “Safety & Health in Nonprofits”

Introduction: What are we talking about and why it matters
Create a safety and health culture
Safety and health law in Washington
Solutions: ways to bridge where people are now and where you need them to be
Specific safety issues

> Desk work
> Staff travel
> Working with vulnerable populations
> Food safety
> Low-budget spaces
> Physical exertion

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