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The Risk Bow Tie

The Risk Bow-Tie is a powerful tool that you can use to think about safety and health in your nonprofit. The video below explains how to use it. Download the Risk Bow Tie worksheet.

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Safety and Health in Nonprofits

Safety and Health in Nonprofits Presenters: Nancy Bacon, Washington Nonprofits and Gary Sadowski, Washington State Labor & Industries Length: 90 minutes Date: March 10, 2020 Safety and Health in Nonprofits puts information customized to nonprofits into […]

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The New Overtime Rules

2020 is ushering in new rules on the federal and state levels covering employees who are exempt from minimum wage and overtime pay.   The New Overtime Rules: A Legal Perspective Presenter: Linda Fang, Banyan […]

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Preventing Workplace Harassment

Understanding and Preventing Workplace Harassment in the Age of #MeToo Presenter: Kerry Robinson, Foster Pepper PLLC Length: 60 minutes Date: May 9, 2019   The #MeToo movement has brought renewed and needed focus on workplace […]

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State Resources to Support Your Workforce Webinar

State Resources to Support Your Workforce Presenters: Rafael Colón & Shelley Ackroyd, SharedWork Program; Silvia Lugo, Paid Family & Medical Leave Program Length: 45 minutes Date: October 31, 2018 Gain valuable insights on two important […]

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HR Best Practices Webinar

The Life Cycle of an Employee: HR Best Practices Presenter: Fernando Conill, Clarity Length: 1 hour Date: July 11, 2018 This webinar will prep attendees on how to onboard and offboard employees, identify employee retention […]

Discussion Guides

HR and Equity Webinar

Human Resources and Equity Presenters: Keonna Jackson and Fleur Larsen, HR & Equity Consulting Length: 1 hour Date: April 6, 2017 Human Resource work has the potential to be a powerful arena for an organization […]