First, let's remember what we talked about.

The goal of this quiz is not to test your knowledge, but rather to reinforce the most important pieces that you learned about nonprofit law. If you don't answer a question correctly, don't worry. Read the correct answer and think about why how this applies to your board.

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Second, watch this video

It is important to stay organized when it comes to legal compliance. Watch this video about SYSTEMS TO STAY ORGANIZED in STATE AND FEDERAL LAW. It gives you some ideas that you might want to implement with your board.

Third, take Two Steps Forward

We invite you to take two steps forward from where you are now. Here are two topics to explore and bring back to your organization.

  1. Deepen your understanding of advocacy and public policy.  Washington Nonprofits is launching a new toolkit on this topic in early 2019. Keep an idea on the Washington Nonprofits Institute website and the Washington Nonprofits newsletter to learn more.
  2. Learn more about nonprofits and taxes. Download the “Nonprofits and Taxes” guide for an overview on state taxes. Make sure your organization is following the rules.



Fourth, share what you’ve learned

Find the entire Finance Unlocked for Nonprofits curriculum, videos, kit, and key documents here. Invite fellow board members to watch a video.

Have questions? Connect with your peers in the nonprofit sector through the Next Level Nonprofit LinkedIn group.