NLN BiG Boost #3

First, let's remember what we talked about.

The goal of this quiz is not to test your knowledge, but rather to reinforce the most important pieces that you learned about nonprofit boards. If you don't answer a question correctly, don't worry. Read the correct answer and think about why how this applies to your board.

As always, if you have questions please get in touch with us: or (855) 299-2922.

QUESTION 1: Which THREE ACTIONS are part of the fundraising cycle?
A) Innovate
B) Cultivate
C) Steward
D) Solicit

QUESTION 2: Which of these is an IMPORTANT TOOL for board members to understand and feel connected to in order to support an organization’s fundraising?
Lease agreement
B) Balance Sheet
C) Articles of Incorporation
D) Budget

QUESTION 3: WHO is involved in fundraising
Staff members
B) Board members
C) Executive Director
D) Board Chair

QUESTION 4: Board service is an act of courage. You are stepping forward to serve your mission and community. List the aspect of board service that you learned about through Boards in Gear that you think will be CHALLENGING for you and the ways can you be COURAGEOUS to work through that challenge.