Build A Movement Learning Documents

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To learn how to use public policy to achieve your mission, download the following Build A Movement! guides in PDF format:

Introduction and Groundwork Guide
The Introduction & Groundwork chapter provides an overview of the Build A Movement! framework, along with basic information on public policy, advocacy, and civics. Use this chapter to assess where you are.

Everyday Advocacy Guide

Everyday Advocacy includes basic good practice and upkeep of your organization so you are nimble, resilient, and ready to serve. Because you aren’t taking the extra step of lobbying, no special registration is needed. Everyday “upkeep” advocacy activities include things like keeping abreast of your field, speaking out on issues that affect your mission, networking and being visible in your community.

Step-It-Up Advocacy Guide

Step-It-Up Advocacy allows you to take advantage of the benefits that lobbying provides nonprofit organizations. You make policy more central to your strategy because your mission is significantly impacted by the decisions of policymakers.


Follow along with the Build A Movement! Poster. Download the Activities Guide, which is organized like the chapters and explains different actions you can take towards advocacy.

The templates and sample documents referenced in these guides are available in our Build A Movement! Document Vault.