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Nonprofits and COVID-19

Resilient Fundraising Strategies and Alternatives to Meeting in Person What Should Nonprofits Be Thinking About? Presenter: Laura Pierce, Washington Nonprofits Length: 60 minutes Date: March 16, 2020 As coronavirus spreads in Washington state and beyond, […]

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Fundraising and Communications

As we say in our finance training, the people raising the money and the people documenting the money need to talk, even if they are the same person! Learning more about fundraising and communication here. […]

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Liquor, Cannabis, and Gambling Webinar

Liquor, Cannabis, Gambling… and Your Next Fundraising Event Presenters: Nancy Bacon, Washington Nonprofits and Beth Lehman, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board Length: 60 minutes Date: January 9, 2019 Join us as we walk through […]

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Fundraising Fundamentals Webinar

5 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Fundraising Presenter: Jim Shapiro, The Better Fundraising Co. Length: 1 hour Date: October 4, 2018 Your organization runs on donations and the generosity of others. Fundraising is key […]

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Fall Fundraising Webinar

Getting Ready for a Fruitful Fall Fundraising Presenter: Jim Shapiro, The Better Fundraising Co. Length: 1 hour Date: August 14, 2014 Jim guides us through a conversation about how we can use September-November to set […]

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The Grant Nexus Webinar

The Grant Nexus: Connecting Development, Finance, and Programs for Higher Impact Presenters: Brittany Kirk and Bailey Disher, The Ostara Group Length: 1 hour Date: August 15, 2018 A high functioning grants program must build a […]

Boards in Gear

Boards in Gear Videos

ABOUT BOARDS IN GEAR (BIG): Boards in Gear covers the five main areas of strong board practice: Connection to cause, roles and responsibilities, how to build a great board, sustain a great board, and engage board […]

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Storytelling for Fundraising Success Webinar

Storytelling for Fundraising Success Presenter: Erica Mills Length: 1 hour Date: September 8, 2016 You know that storytelling is a great way to raise money. And you’re right! But why does it work so well? […]

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Giving USA Webinar

Giving USA 2015: The State of Philanthropy Presenter: Tom Mesaros, The Alford Group Length: 1 hour Date: August 4, 2015 It’s no secret by now: the recent Giving USA report estimates that Americans gave over $358 […]

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Content Marketing Webinar

Supercharge Your Fundraising Efforts with Content Marketing Presenter: Steven Shattuck, Bloomerang Length: 1 hour Date: March 20, 2015 This presentation provides an overview of content (inbound) marketing, which differs from the outbound marketing methods of […]